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Do you think the temperature of your room affects Night Wood

Do you think the temperature of your room affects Night Wood

Hey guys I’ve been reading Lot about how EQ levels should be higher and Night/Morning Wood to be more frequent, I have not really seen this happen as much.How ever it is now colder than usual in Scotland lol and my house does not have much heating.especially my bedroom where it has no heating when I sleep.At times at night I can see my breath and in the morning if I stick my foot out the duvet I am you think the temperature of my room could actually be on of the reasons why I have not had night/morning wood recently?


In general cold prevents erection, so it is quite reasonable to believe it has the same effect on night/morning wood.

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Few thanks for your response :) I was worried that I was doing something wrong with my routine. I can now relax

Those are some pretty harsh conditions to sleep in. How come you have no heating? I sometimes have to uncover myself during sleep because it’s too hot, even during winter because I have 2 radiators in my room, 1 of them so hot it burns when you touch it. Needless to say, morning woods are very regular.

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You need a wife in bed with you to help keep you warm. When I get cold I just roll over and snuggle in. I have wood in no time!

Since you are nice and toasty under your duvet, I can’t see how the temperature of your room would affect your morning wood.

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I was kind of thinking that but I gathered that because my head is out it’s usualy cold and so are my feet.I just think it might have something to do with it.pehaps another duvet would do? The reason I don’t have heating in my flat is because it’s dirt cheap but because the house is so ventilated due to my crappy windows it costs far to much to even try and heat the house up.perhaps two duvet’s and to girl friend are needed :P

When I was a student I lived in a dive that was so cold that you had to go out of bed head first because the oxygen had frozen and dropped onto the floor. And that was just south of the border. What a shit hole that was. Oh well… I think I went with the 2 duvet option too. I remember one guy in that place had a balaclava too. You also had to wear sandals in the shower because it was so grim. Mind you it was so cheap that it was a quid cheaper a week than a hovel at that time, plus back in those days you could get a pint for that pound. I cannot remember erection problems though but no way was I going to get it out in the refrigerator that was my bedroom.

I recommend you not only you get a girl to warm you up, but you get one with a warm place so you can sleep there.

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