Do you think or know any pornostar use to clamp their penis?

This is an amazing exercise if done correctly in my point of wiew.
I just start clamping to short to tell if give permanent results in the long term.
Anyway i never clamp more tha 15 minute x session and my Penis mantain always an healthy color just a little bit mor red while clamping but nothing serious like violet or something.
I don’t even get red spots.And usually when i finish clamp i’m able to get a really good erections.
For now i’m using a really strechy silicon cock ring working preatty well but i ordered also an airclamp wich seems really great for my purpose.
It is amazing the boost of erection i get naturally without the ring maybe my type of clamping would be not as extreme as other but for sure temporally i get a bigger girth than natural eretions maybe in slower period but i’m sure i would gain girth if Clamping work i don’t see why not…
I’m really enthusiastic of clamping first of all for the better natural erection and the sensetion to have a giant piece of meat between my leg during the exercise isn’t it?If the size results came would be even great…

I was askink to me if you think there are pornstars clamped their cock reaching massive girth during their carrer…
I’m 7 x 5,3 inch at my best and with lenght i’m pretty satisfited but an huge girth more close to 7 than 6 would make me the most self confident men in the world.
Cause i know most of the woman are attracted from large girth.They feel like a sign of potency terrific girh much more than lenght make girls really horny