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Do you think it's a big difference between these two work-outs:

To Bib and the other vets:
Do you think it’s a big difference between these two work-outs:
1. Hang ‘till I reach my length goal, then begin working on girth.
2. Work on both length and girth at the same time, everyday.

What would the differences be? And which one seems more effective than the other? Why?

I haven’t been doing PE so long so I would really appreciate the right way from the beginning.


I moved this off my thread because it had nothing to do with the two inch club and I wanted you to get some answers to your question without taking my thread off subject. First Bib never posts here anymore but I will answer your question. The way I do it is I do a length workout for a while than I switch to a girth workout for a while usually in 6 month intervals. While hanging for length I work in a little jelqing for health. I can’t say for sure which way is more effective but trying to do both at once is very time consuming.

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If your new to PE, I would suggest luvdada’s newbie routine. This will help condition your penis and most likely provide you with some gains in both directions. After two or three months of adhering to the newbie routine, experiment with some other PE methods like clamping or hanging.

After following the newbie routine for a couple of months, I was ready to venture off into unexplored PE territory and sampled every exercise described on this site. From that, I crafted my present routine which involves stretching, jelqing, clamping, and wrapping.

Your body can surprise you sometimes in regards to how well it copes with stressors. I figured that if I threw a little bit of everything at it, I could keep it “guessing.”

So my vote is for working on length and girth the same day.

Word around the block would be that the speediest route to gain length quick is focus solely on those respective length exercises until your goal is breached. Allegedly, girth can act as a ‘resistance’ to stretching the ligaments or whatever.

Such advice though is rarely given. Only when the enquiring party has a significant girth statistic, and therefore working both could one hurt their partner(s), and two be time unwisely occupied.

The difference between the two is one is intensive, and the other extensive. I’d say No “2. Work on both length and girth at the same time, everyday.” Is more beneficial, firstly because it’s worked with me, secondly because you could do with more girth, and thirdly because I don’t like hanging. Jelqing, jelqing, jelqing. One last point: not ‘everyday’ – take rest days.

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Thanks you all 3 for great response!
Dino9x7: Thank you for moving the post to an own subject, and your advice.
RioBravo: I’m not so new to PE actually, I’ve been jelqing before, and I’ve been hanging for 2 months now, thank you for your advice.
The Beasty One: Thank you for your advice as well!

I’ll be voting for #2 also since my unit would look very thin if it were any longer :P.
I do hanging everyday, like 3-5h, then 2-3 sets of clamping. I just started clamping, and I take it very carefully since I’m new to the exercise - any sign of dark skin or over-pumped vein makes me quit instantly.

I would also like to thank Thunders. This is the best forum in the world - I’m already addicted to it! The people here are extremely kind and care for each others (can you feel the brother love? :) ).
Even when (if) I reach my goal, I will still hang here just to help people, ‘cause I know how it feels to have complex over your penis.



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