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Do you think it is time for my power jelq

Do you think it is time for my power jelq

I have been doing PE routine for 4 months give or take. I have gained both in BPEL and EG. I was wondering could I start using my power jelq?? My hands are starting to get tired lol.

Is this too soon ?? Or should I go for it since I’m going for more length than eg.? Any suggestions ?

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?? There has been 30 view but no suggestions. Any vets have a clue?

I’m not sure about a power jelq. But, if you are still gaining without the power jelq why would you add it to your routine?

I’d say keep going with your hands. They can’t be THAT tired. Eventually your hands will squeeze all out of your dick that it can……then move on to the powerjelq. Just like nuts on a wheel…..I tighten them all I can with my hands till I cant, and then I move to the tire iron. Keep the tire iron in the garage for now unless your hands have stopped yielding gains.

Well I have been at it for roughly 4 to 5 months . They recommend to wait at least 3 months well it has been past 3 months now. Plus the only difference with the jelq device is that it is more intensed and easier to do a jelq without your hands getting tired.

Gains will come quicker too.

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