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Do you keep PE a secret?

This PE shit is pretty ridiculous. It makes me wonder why its not the most popular pass-time in america.

November 08: BPEL = 6.2

August 09: BPEL = 7.0

Originally Posted by Lambros
This PE shit is pretty ridiculous. It makes me wonder why it’s not the most popular pass-time in America.

I’m all about Mom, Apple Pie and Penis Enlargement. GO USA!

I havent told my girlfriend about it. I want to surprise her with my secret, when I finally reach my goal.

Definitely a secret for me. It’s more fun for me to see the expression on my girlfriends face as she feels her vagina become fuller every time we have sex- and her wondering why!

Maybe wondering why she’s becoming tighter? :D

Originally Posted by marinera

Maybe wondering why she’s becoming tighter? :D

Possible, maybe there’s an alternative of this forum for women.where they talk about exercising Kegels etc. And there are posts like ” and he thinks he’s bigger” ;)

I can’t even imagine the type of measuring device THEY have for that!


My wife obviously knows about it and loves the changes. I told the best man at my wedding as he was always ashamed about his flaccid size (1 inch he states)He’s trying, but having difficulty finding the time and motivation.

I’m a physician who works with a group of physicians, but would probably never tell anything to them, for fear of ridicule, more than anything else. If somebody were to ask me directly, I would tell them what I know.

Hahaha, I’ve always kept this secret because it gives me an edge. I have only ever told my closest mate and now he does it too.

I don’t think id tell other guys/friends unless I noticed a vac or bib hanging out of there drawer :)

I told my girlfriend though, I sit at my desk hanging and she sits on the couch, she likes it because she gets to watch all her reality shows( I hate them) and I sit and watch my stuff on the PC while hanging.

Funny because she reminds me to go jelq before work :)

I jelq in front of my girlfriend when she sleeps over. I tell her it is a meditative process that helps me center my sexual energy! She has no clue that increased length and girth are a result of all this “meditating” ;) . She is a smart girl I’m surprised she buys it.

I keep my true intentions from her not because I am embarrassed to tell her that I am exercising my cock. I keep it from her because she would be furious if she found out I would get any bigger than what she already struggles with.

That’s funny kimc, I jelq for 20 minutes every other day religiously before I go to bed. When I finally come to bed my girlfriend asks if I had a good “meditation session”.

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2028 goal size: 10.25” x 7.25”

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Take it to the grave!

Don’t tell anyone, do you want other men have big cocks?

Tell the world.

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