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Do you have someone to talk to about P.E?

One of my friends definitely knows and I have told a couple of other people about PE only because they found this homepage on my laptop. I told them what Thunder’s is about and most of them found most of the PE concepts silly and thought it was a waste of time!

If only they knew how great PE and this website was they wouldn’t be calling it silly no more!

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PE for life!

I have a couple of friends on this site that I call my PE buddies.

We keep in touch via PMs and email and it’s good to have someone just to chat with, both about PE and other stuff too. I find it useful to keep me motivated.

If anyone wants a “PE buddy” just give me a PM.

I talk to my wife but she looks rather bored when I bring up the subject these days. I actually wish that I had a male friend who were doing PE that I could talk to but this place is a rather good substitute.

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Just you assholes.

Originally Posted by a-unit
Just you assholes.

That made me feel all warm and fuzzy. ;)

Feels the love, Zerone

Well, no I don’t have anyone. I’ve had dick conversations with my friends but I just can’t bring myself to tell them about this. I tried telling a close friend that my dick grew an inch but he didn’t seem interested to know how. That’s odd to me.

I wish I could find a way to bring myself to share despite the risk in ridicule. I think some of my friends could really benefit from this. They too have similar wounds inflicted on the “average” population.

I think I will tell my wife after we get married. She will of course just worry about me hurting her favorite dick.

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I showed my friend the site and the before and after pics (not my pic). I’m kinda the guinea pig. If it works and I reach my goal, I will give him all the details. But he’s a bit lazy and I don’t think he has the patience to put in the time/years required to gain significant and noticeable size gains.

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Yes, a college friend, said he had serious problems with premature ejaculation. I started talking to him about PE. Until he was convinced and create courage to do!

The first month he already seeing results.

I told other friends and cousins all are interested but few have the courage, dedication, strength and patience to begin with .. Too bad for them, are losing .. Kkkkk

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Originally Posted by bohm
But he’s a bit lazy and I don’t think he has the patience to put in the time/years required to gain significant and noticeable size gains.

I think that’s key. A lot of guys really aren’t that concerned. The guys who are concerned about it probably would have found out about PE already. Among those, a few might begin, and among those, a meager handful will stick with it to achieve some gains. Admit it, brothers, we’re among the few, the proud, the dick-pullers. *sniff* A single tear courses down my cheek.

That said, I’m really glad for you guys to talk to about PE, and I have a few friends that I’ve gotten quite close to over the years through PM’s.

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Originally Posted by somastylo
Well thank God I’ve got a friend who I can talk to about ANYTHING. So it was so easy to tell him I did this. In fact, I send pictures of my penis to him hahaha. He’s around 6 inches but is too lazy to jelq, despite finding it interesting. I always joke around with him saying I’m going to apply for Bang Bros in a few years while he still has that average penis (no offence to the 6 inchers, I’m around 5 myself). Although I’ve got you guys, theres still some relief of having someone you see on a daily basis to talk about this.

This whole forum is a friend I can talk to about ANYTHING ;)

I’m available to talk/chat, even being a newbie.

I must say I’m making good friends here as well.
I am also researching the place for male kind and the masculinity issues related.

For an Asian born in south America with African-European majority, penis size is an issue for me.

Luckily I’m changing the philosopher’s stone.

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Have one friend I can discuss it with who I’ve known since childhood pretty much, he’s pretty open minded like me.

I would never discuss it with any other male though, as any issue regarding penis length/function is tied too closely to the male ego, therefore any frank, impartial conversation would be impossible.

Everybody I know knows I’m into this shit. Family, friends and doctors. Even my literary agent.

But having a PE Partner is really a godsend. Having a mate who will get involved with you, help you with routines by incorporating PE into sex play. This is really what has kept me at it.

I hate being obsessed with anything you have to hide.

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No Nukes

If any of my friends ever brought up PE I would probably look at them like they were nuts. I can’t see myself talking about dicks with another male, (mine, his, or anyone elses). This is why TP has built such a strong following, the penis is a taboo subject for most men that I have ever encountered.

I have a friend who I’ve talked to about wanting to get a bigger unit. I even mentioned some pills at the local health food store that I had heard a good friend claim actually worked and he said he’d take them with me (but later, she changed her opinion and said it was more for treating ED, not for actually increasing size). I’m sure I could bring it up to him, and probably even get him into it, but I doubt he’d stick with it. He won’t stick to exercising with me, and I feel dumb trying to get him to just go running with me. I would feel even worse trying to convince him to tug his unit regularly.


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