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Do you get permanent gains with pumping?

Do you get permanent gains with pumping?

I tried many PE techniques in my life, and none of them seem to work really.

For example, I pump these days. Altough my dick get bigger for some time after the pumpimp session, it always seem to return to its normal size afterwards.

The worse thing is that my dick often get small spots that never go away. Also, because of the pumping, my dick’s skin is getting a permanent brown color, which doesn’t match with my pale skin.

I am starting to feel discouraged. I remember when I started PE for the first time, I tought I was making gains, but I fact I was lying to myself. In fact, I was adding 2-3 centimeters to the real measurement. Now that I decided to be 100% honest with myself, I see that my dick is exactly the same size than years ago.

Should I continue on my PE journey or abandon? I really wish my cock was bigger, so I could get more sexual partners.

If PE really works, I badly need a good technique to make gains.

Start nice and slowly with the Newbie Routine, stick to it and make sure you take the rest days. Over time (by which I mean months not days) increase the intensity of your workouts and you will gain.

Just don’t expect to wake up tomorrow morning with a 10 inch wang. This takes time, most of the guys you see here with 1”+ gains have been PEing for years. Some people are lucky and gain very quickly (most people gain pretty quickly initially), others are not so lucky and have to be slow and patient with it. But gains do come eventually.

Read through the most important newbie threads and follow the advice, search for more if you want to know more, but most of all, be careful and patient. You get 50+ years to work on your cock so if it takes 5 years there’s no problem. But you only get one cock, so if you break it you’re not going to get another one.


Have you read anything that’s gives you guidance on how to pump? You seem to be just winging it.

What type of pump do you have? Does it have a gauge? What pressures are you using? How long do you pump for?

Go to the pumpers forum and read Pumping101 by avocet8 and read many threads that talk about proper pumping techniques.

I think you need a fresh start doing it the right way.

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