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Do women prefer a shaved penis

Do women prefer a shaved penis

Well what do you think? Do they? This is directed mostly to our female members.what do you prefer?

My ex-wife would always complain at the slightest stubble. She was very sensitive to it and although the look was good, unless I was really clean shaved, it caused her discomfort.

I’d say yes, but they might still like there to be some hair left. There’s never anything wrong with being well groomed! :D

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I don’t fully shave mine off but I do keep it trimmed short. Not only does it make your penis look a little bigger but to me it feels better than having all of that hair. I do shave my balls and the very bottom of my shaft but that’s it.

My wife wont even look at mine unless its completely bald! She finds it very disgusting with any hair at all.

One female friend told me she wanted to pluck my shaft hairs and I adamently refused.. it seemed to painful.

During a sexual affair with another woman I used to come away with raw skin and abrassions on my shaft from the friction caused by pubic hair.

Eventually I got fed up myself with all the hair around my dick and waxed and plucked it myself. Now I completely shave my balls and around the base with an electric shaver and trim the long hair outside. I still pluck the hair around the shaft to avoid frequent stubble, plus the hair comes back thinner.

I like it much better this way and I can only imagine women do also.
Now I have to consider my body hair. I’m very hairy on the chest, shoulders and back. Some women say they like hairy bodies, but most do not. Its way too much to deal with on a regular basis though, so I guess I will loose to most women.

I prefer trimming my hair to having a bush. I’ve asked the views of my ex-girlfriends and almost all of them believe that a guy who is well-groomed (trimmed) is 10 times sexier opposed to someone who doesn’t. They said that goes for arm pit hair as well.

Most I’ve heard like trimmed short and shaved sac lol.

Dick itself, I shave for me. My ex- loved my balls shaved so she could lick ‘em.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

I like a smooth shaft, but I want some hair surrounding it and on the balls. And I like hairy guys, they are nice to snuggle into at night when its cold outside.

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My wife likes me shaved. She didn’t like getting hairs in her mouth during oral. Like anything else, it’s just a personal preference.

Shaving or not is very personal; what is less so is the need to keep the member in good health. Using a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help with common issues like dry or flaky penis skin, unwanted odor, loss of sensation, etc.

George ‘med’ haha. Heath professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil LMAOOOO. On a 9 year old thread, good one.

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