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Do women like veins


Originally Posted by Phenyo
I will second that.

Third that!

My ex (Who dumped me after 4 years .darn her!! She broke my heart into a million pieces) said she liked small ones and really liked having it tiny in her mouth and grow into a nicely sized one ( She also said I was the biggest she had though I’m sure she said all of these to try and alleviate my flaccid hang fears I’m sure. ).
She loved looking at my veins (my veins now are a LOT more prominent post clamping) and also the tiny spot like things under my head (I can’t remember the name for them).

Originally Posted by stee
and also the tiny spot like things under my head (I can’t remember the name for them)

Pearly penile papules?

Opinions on veins are subjective, size is objective.

You can’t argue with size, so why worry about a few veins?

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Originally Posted by Para-Goomba

Fuck women.

I I Sir! Hehehehe!

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

My cock has definitely come more veiny through PE, and nowadays when my G/F is giving me a blowjob she every now and then takes my cock out of her mouth to give it a good look. Damn it feels good, and makes all jelqing and pumping so worthwhile. I’m sure tastes differ in this case too, but I can tell at least my girl likes to get her cock veiny. And I love it!

“Women will like what I tell them to like.” -Homer Simpson-


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