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Do we have to

Do we have to

I just want to ask a simple question. Do we have to pull foreskin back while jelqing. If we don’t are there any drawbacks.

No, we don’t. We are actually not doing so, and we are jelqing just fine, thank you.


Hi there loyal,

More complicated being uncut huh:) . Well, If I do wet jelq I don’t pull the skin back, although I think this would also make the foreskin to be longer, guess its OK if the result is also come with some length gain. Nowadays I do dry jelqing more often as I don’t need lube-the benefit of being uncut, and I know from what point on my shaft I should start jelqing so the skin will act like the lube. You should try it, find the best spot on your shaft so you could jelq your entire shaft using the skin in one stroke.
Keep jelqing, have a nice day:)


So,I will continue wet jelqing without pulling my skin back. Because if I do pull the skin back it takes me 8-9 second to complete my 1 jelq stroke and it is not effective too. I don’t feel any pressure when I do it that way.

But when I don’t pull back my foreskin and jelq then I feel some pressure.


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