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Do uncircumsized guys have less chance of discoloration?

Do uncircumsized guys have less chance of discoloration?

I’ve read some posts on discoloration and it seems it mostly occurs in circumsized guys, are there any uncircumsized guys on here that have got in?

Whether you are uncircumcised or not you’ll get it and a certain amount is unavoidable when jelqing. I certainly got it and I’m uncut.

It does fade though.


When you guys talk of discoloration,do you mean on the shaft or head. Or is it both.Is it spotty or consistent And how bad does it get.

I only ask because mine is so damn pretty,it would be a shame to ruin it.


The discolouration you get from Jelqing is mainly on the skin underneath the shaft near the glans. I certainly had it extending from the glans down about a third of the shaft. It looks like a bruise.


Ouch. Thanks for the warning. I was picturing a brownish discoloration, not a black and blue deal. And it only somewhat fades huh. Bummer

No it’ll fade completely if you stop PE for a while, maybe 5-6 months. It probably takes longer if its really bad.

Thanks Mem, that’s encouraging. Not so bad then,and my beauty will remain intact.

I can pass it off as a tough guy thing in the interim,like with a scar. Just have to think up a good story for why my penis was in a fight.

Yeah, worry about keeping the same shape (just expanded) and turkey neck.


Don’t screw with a man eating Corn Pops. Are you serious?

Mine is completely straight,with a graduating thickness from tip to base. I want to even out my girth. It goes from about 6.2 at the head to 7-71/8 at the base ,and around 6 5/8ths midshaft.

Will the shape expand outward ,or will my middle become thicker than the base?

Its really easy to fuck up the shape of your dick.

I’m terribly vain and so things like shape are important to me. I fucked up on the turkey neck until I adopted a skind stretch routine (and some great care) that’s impossible to fix. I also managed to change the shape of my glans when I was testing out hanging, effectively using the hanger as an extreme ULI device without intention. That I never fixed but I probably could if I’d carried on, they are much more snub nosed now. The thing I did fix was the general shape but it only varied slightly.

>Will the shape expand outward ,or will my middle become thicker than the base?<

All this depend on your programme. Remember that hanging and long hold stretches will increase the base girth. Thats fine you can ULI the girth further up to correct. Jelqing with too low an erection with create a baseball bat shaped dick and thats going to be more annoying to fix.

Thanks again Mem,

That’s why I’m sticking to the newbie routine until I can absorb more of this PE knowledge. My main goal is primarily length,but I don’t want to mess anything up in the interim.

All kidding aside,right now it is even,straight, and overall in good shape. My main concern was doing something that would cause a bend.

I’m uncut and have at times, had as much discolouration as I could handle!

Not to be racist, but people of color seem to get away with un-noticable discoloration. I looked at my unit closely last night, and I realized that it is discoloring, and I am getting small black veins in it. I guess I don’t care, because you have to closely inspect it, and compare it to how it used to be, to even realized that it looks different at all.

If it makes a difference, I’m Filipino and Irish, so I am not dark at all. But that yellow skin seems to hide the side effects of PE quite nicely. :D


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