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Do supplements harm

Do supplements harm

I want to try some supplements (magna-rx) but ı worry for one point. Supplements make systems overwork to raise the hormone levels. I suspect changing the normal body function like that may cause some problems. What do you think? Thanks you.

Supplements are generally a waste of money if your diet is good. The human body was optimized in evolutionary time to thrive on a simple diet of real foods, not factory/chemical plant-made, sugar-laden, ‘vegetable’ oil doused junk.

If your diet is not good, or hasn’t been for some time prior, then careful supplementing can be of benefit, but it usually is expensive. Consider that when you take a pill or powder from a bottle, you aren’t getting the full and complete array of nutrients that are present in something like fish, venison, pasture-finished beef or mutton, foods like that. Those kinds of foods are where you should be looking for your ‘supplements’. You get the whole package with real foods.

Any other ideas?

If you want to boost testosterone levels, try cold showers and working out(lifting weights).

I forgot to mention zinc. Zinc is important.

Yep, working out is proven to enhance natural production of testosterone. You also want to be sure to provide the body the essential raw materials for testosterone (and other hormones) synthesis—cholesterol + saturated fats.

Be aware that some long-term studies have found that people who regularly supplement (vitamins in particular) show higher rates of cancer than non supplementers. So, put your focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle first.

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