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Do steriods shrink your penis.

Do steriods shrink your penis.

I do not bring up this part of my past very often. When I was in high school I started taking steroids in order to enhance my athletic performance. I made great strides athletically with steroids and continued to use them for some amount of time (when I was about 16-17).

I have read a lot about the correlation between steroids and smaller penis’ and I was wondering if you all have any insight on this.

I regret doing them 100% and I hope that I haven’t permanently put myself at a disadvantage for penis enlargement. I am currently 20 years old so I am over three years off. Please let me in on any insight you might have. Thanks very much.

The damage is already done. I’m pretty sure that your penis isn’t going to shrink as time passes. What are your measurements now if you don’t mind sharing? Anyway you can build the damage that the steroids did and then some with PE.

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Steroids can shrink the testicles because they interfere with the signals that direct the testicles to secrete testosterone. I have not heard from any reputable source that steroids shrink the penis, however. There’s a product called Tonkat Ali, which some say has the ability to increase testosterone naturally. Certain advertisers of that product claim that it is better than exogenous testosterone (or steroids) because, unlike testosterone, it doesn’t “shrink your penis.”

I think this is almost certainly bullshit, however, at least when applied to adult males. I don’t know how steroids effect boys going through puberty. As I understand it, the penis grows during puberty because of a surge in testosterone and a subsequent conversion of testosterone to DHT. The penis is rich in DHT receptors, and it grows at this time when DHT concentrations rise. Although some people claim you can grow a penis using DHT after puberty, most believe that the penis eventually becomes insensitive to DHT, and that’s why penis growth essentially stops.

My sense is that steroids might interfere with penis growth during puberty if 1) they are of a form that is different from testosterone and cannot be readily converted to DHT by the body and 2) their presence in the body tends to shut down natural testosterone production from the testicles, thus leaving the penis with no available source of DHT with which to grow.

Even if this occurs, it is possible that penis growth is merely delayed and not prevented. In other words, normal penis growth may resume once normal hormone levels are restored. But don’t quote me on that.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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I have experience having had many friend bodybuilders with this question. Steroids shrink your nuts because they are providing your body with testosterone that it doesnt need to make on your own.. When you stop taking steroids your nuts usaully go back to normal size. Your penis doesn’t shrink with use of steroids, if it did no one would use them. Most men find that more threatening than the idea of dying. I have even heard from a friend who took that his dick got bigger with steroids, this I account to him thinking that because more testosterone = more/harder erections and hornyness. I have also had a friend who died from steroids, I in no way support their use. I do not use them and I suggest no one here ever does.

I don’t think you have anything to worry about, are your nuts normal?

Let me ask you this, what steroids did you take and how much/often?

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Depends on what steroids you took.

If you took growth hormones at that age, a small penis should be one of the least of your concerns. How far along were you in puberty?

Other forms of steroids, although not suggested, may not have had as adverse affects.

No they don’t shrink your dick at all, balls yes(only temporary), and I do have firsthand experience. You should get a liver panel done though and see how your levels are, pretty young age to start them

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