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Do penis enlargement pills like VigRx and Extagen actually work?


Hey ModestoMan,

I am pretty sure that you won’t find one vet here that would endorse PE pills. They are over priced supplements with some proprietary “secret sauce” bullshit that doesn’t do anything at all.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Maybe Thunder or one of the moderators can make up a couple of those nifty charts that allow us to compare gains with pills to gains without pills…

Find another sucker to make the charts. This vet knows that the pills are a waste of money and of the time it would take to calculate their failure.

Here is how you can figure it out for yourself:
Compare the ingredient list of, say, three different so-called Penis Pills. If you find one, even one ingredient, for which there is verifiable evidence through legitimate studies that cemented penile increase at erection is either a direct effect or a side effect, I will eat my hat in the Main Forum while being flogged by Thunder.

Do not cheat by saying that something like sildenafil, for example, which is often sneaked in, will give you a larger flaccid during part of the next day, because it will. Or that L-arginine, another common ingredient in these pills, helped you to have stronger erections, because it might. Ditto the rest of the stock ingredients.

The proof should be in the pudding, so to say. My challenge to you: quit all PE activities that you have learned here and just take penis pills for a year. If your erect cock is bigger come August 03, 2005, my hat will be off to you and I will be chewing on that hat.




What! And stop spending an hour pulling on my wang every day! I think I’ll just finish off the pills I’ve already paid for and then move on to greater pleasures, like stretched ligaments.

Thunder—thanks for the advice. I really enjoy this site, and I’d rather donate my money to Thunderplace.

Dear Pals,

I have same idea with ModestoMan that why we don’t post a polls about Pills issue:

1.What kind of Pills you had used or recent use(03 months) (Brand name:ProSolution,VigRx, Extagen….)
2. Did you combine PE or Pump or Hanging with Pills (Yes, No)
Thunder hve thousands of membes
I think its will be very interesting Statistic data.

Good luck.

I tried VigRx and one of the other brands — can’t think of the name — over a six-month period before PE’ing. They did absolutely nothing.

I would love to see a hidden camera show where people accidentally drop their penis pill bottles to gauge the reaction of those around them.

While I don’t disagree that PE pills are snake oil, in that alone they will not result in gains, I do wonder if some of the herbal supplements contained in this pills might enhance a good PE program.

Just thinking out loud here, but it seems most agree that some of the ingredients in these pills DO result in greater flaccid hang (while you continue to take the supplement.) Simultaneously, many believe that traction wrapping after a good workout helps encourage growth, the theory being that a good workout causes microtears, traction wrapping keeps the penis in a longer state, encouraging the healing to fill the gaps…

Now does it stand to reason that a pill that encourage the penis to retain larger flaccid state after a workout might help the healing lead to gains? I’m not talking miraculous growth or turbo charging gains, and I’m sure that the benefits don’t justify the outrageous amounts these charlatans are charging for putting some herbs in a bottle. But if a few of the ingredients do truly encourage a greater flaccid hang, and if those herbal supplements are inexpensively obtained as generic nutritional supplements, it does seem there could be some value in adding herbal supplements to the overall routine…

I’m just speculating and reasoning, no experience or research into this other than reading this thread. Anybody with some real insight into this line of thought?

I started taking pills and PE at same time. I tried one bottle of VigRX. I think they help in flaccid growth and helps your sexual health.

It doesn’t hurt to go and try them, but only if you have money to waste.

Gain 2 inches in 2 months funda doesn’t work.

I too started taking Vigrx plus and PEing same time, around 4 months now. I’ve gained a little. I never expected to gain anything by just taking pills alone, but just as a supplement. Quite expensive though. I have 2 months supply left and until then before I can decide whether to continue using pills.

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