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Do newbie gains stick

Do newbie gains stick

So I had been jelqing for 2 weeks then I added stretching(warmup/cool down too) to my routine this past weekend. So that means I’ve been doing PE for almost 3 weeks now. The gains have come quick, with girth mostly, and a bit of length too. My EQ has improved noticeably as well. My situation is that in a month or two, I might be getting shipped out to the air force to start basic training and I won’t be able to do PE for about 3 months or something like that. I’m going to continue doing PE until I get shipped out, but I’m wondering if by the time I start doing PE again after this extended break, will my gains still be there?

Probably though the EQ might go back to where it was before.

And thanks for your service.

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But that’s the awesome thing about kegels though. You can do them pretty much anywhere, right?

I honestly just read up on kegels last week, and was psyched at how easy they can be fitted into the day.

I believe that newbie gains are mostly attributable to erection quality. Well I think they were for me, but others seem to think not.

So if you’re doing basic training, you’ll be fitter and eating right, and hopefully not too stressed (not like Full Metal Jacket style basic training stressed I imagine), then this will be fantastic for keeping some of that erectile quality going.

There is also stealth PI. Fowfers, piss pulls, kegels, doing PE at night in the pitch black dark, etc. This might curtail your PE efforts, and I for one would understand that giving your all to basic training is better use of your energies than pulling on your dick, but you might get some in. Also, after you get back to PE, remember to treat yourself as a newbie all over again and re-condition that penis.

Good luck in everything friedbanana.

My understanding is that if the gains aren’t cemented you may or may not lose a little during your time off, but it will be easier to gain back when you start again.
Since you’ll be doing Kegels you’ll probably be fine for EQ, which I agree with 74zowee86, are the main contributor to newbie gains.

Good luck with your training friedbanana.

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74zowee86, yeah lets pray I don’t get rock socked during a stealth PE sesh cause then id have to change my name to smashedbanana >:(
Dewberry, yeah that’s sort of how I was working it out in my head. In my mind I’m thinking my dick gains and loses mass the same as any other muscle. Hopefully, they stick though.

Thanks everyone I appreciate all the input
Ima keep scoopin up them BLESSED newbie gains

Originally Posted by friedbanana
.Getting shipped out to the air force to start basic training..

Thank you for serving.

.And good luck on you p.e. Program. :-)

Try to do some “piss pulls” and a couple of squeezes/jelqs and so on when you go to the loo. That should be enough to let you keep your newbie gains.

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