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Do more exercises help get results faster?

Do more exercises help get results faster?

Hi guys! I started 2 weeks ago and the results are already here - about 1/2’ increase in the length. I usually do 10 minutes V stretches + 10 minutes jelqying one time per day, with no days off. Would increasing the time I spend doing PE exersices to say 2 or 3 times a day help getting results faster?

Not necessarily Alex. It could lead to over training and you could actually reducing your rate of gain.

A 1/2 inch in two weeks is very,very good. Just keep doing what you are doing, it obviously works for you.

Hey Alex73,

See my post here about fatigue:

Tom Foolery - Need some advice guys, can you help!?

That being said you don’t want to overdue it and go across that chart too far. The only time you would do split sessions is if you are trying to break your routine in half, not double it, to try to get more of an all day fatigue. If you just keep doubling your excercises you are going to get injured not make gains.

Besides knowing your LOT is the biggest help. After that doing the appropriate stretches will get you the gains. Remember it is not a race, but a journey. </End Zen Master Speech>

-Tom “Too Old For This” Foolery

"Yeah, we don't need another smart ass ... we have our share already." - ThunderSS

Thank you both guys! I will keep doing the exersices ones per day. I have just broken up with my girlfriend, so I have time …

Hey Alex,

Nice name you have there pal!


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