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do kegels help?

do kegels help?

how exactly do kegels help your gains?

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Kegels - BC Exercises

Kegels involve repeatedly contracting the muscles around your pubic bone and prostate. The purpose is to keep the muscles healthy which in turn will improve your sexual stamina. Kegels by themselves will not enlarge your penis. Other added benefits are a healthier prostate and, in the case of older people, greater bladder control. Some men have also become multi orgasmic by doing them.

They also allegedly help increase blood-flow, which would indirectly help gains. By the way, you forgot to capitalise your first word.

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Actually kegels by themselves can help enlarge your penis (according to Mantak Chia, author of “The Multiorgasmic Man”) but certainly not as effectively or rapidly as PE exercises in addition to kegels.

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