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Do I need rest days if I'm just doing length

Do I need rest days if I'm just doing length

This might sound INCREDIBLY dumb but, I remember reading a post on here about not needing resting days when just doing lengthening exercises and it made me wonder. If I am only doing lengthening exercises.. Do I actually need rest days? I know muscles need to rest, but lengthening the penis isn’t using a muscle (might be wrong). I know if I incorporate girth exercises then obviously I would need to rest, but if I am doing specifically length exercises would I really need rest? I do about 20 minutes of stretches, and afterwards I put on an ADS (wrapping the penis so it stays in an elongated state). Thoughts?

Ps: I’ve been PEing this time for about 3 months now.

I think in the beginning you should take the rest days but as you become conditioned and in tune with your own wiener you will know what is est for you. I would experiment and take notes. Mix up your rest day pattern and see what works the best. I am a hanger and I try not to take any days off, I listen to my body and my penis and today after several weeks I am taking a Saturday off. By now you should be able to tell what your wiener needs, if you have a down day or a day that feels like your just going through the routines take the day off, if you get going and it feels great don’t miss out on a great PE day. I hope that makes sense because I think I just confused my self

If your stretching the ligs than no, rest can actually inhibit growth. Im not sure when hitting the tunica but dirctly targetting ligs requires maintaining a stretched state otherwise the ligs will strengthen.

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I do girth work and barely take any rest days. Girth work is usually more intense than length work. I wouldnt take any rest days for length, but since you are a newbie then I suggest you take it easy and have some rest.

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Only you can answer that question for yourself parol247 and the answer is in the feedback you get from your own body.

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Well currently I’m doing 2 days of jelqing and stretching (both ligs and tunica, well I think I’m stretching the tunica also lol) and 1 day off jelqing but still continue to stretch ligs and tunica on my off day of jelqing.. Do you think that is over doing it?

So basically taking no days off stretching but doing 2 days on 1 day off for jelqing. How does that sound?

I think your OK, just keep an eye on your physical indicators.

Hi everyone on this stretching thing you need to stretch ligs and tunica, but I don’t no what the tunica is before PE all I new about my penis is you pee out of it and have sex and that’s all I needed to no. So sorry if sound silly but if use could tell me what part the tunica is mite help me so no what ment to be pull on thanks.

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