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Do I need penis extender

Do I need penis extender

I have been using a penis extender for about a month. It is not comfortable and some times I worry it may actually hurt me. When I looked at the newbie routine, I don’t see any penis extender or stretcher. Are jelp, kegel and stretching enough? Can I use an extended on top of the exercises. Is all day stretching safe for newbies? I don’t want any embarrassing accidents at work. I assume you shouldn’t run with a ADS device or even cross your legs.

Any advices on jelping? My hands get so tired. Wet jelping is also messy but dry jelping is very uncomfortable. Some times I go over board and end up reaching the point of no return (if you what I mean.) Will it affect the PE? Mine shrink after I reach the point of no return.

Any recommendation on an comfortable penis extender less than 100 USD.

I am serious. Someone please give me some advice. Thanks in advance.

Ok. You already have a penis extender; what kind? Is it a noose style? A penis extender shouldn’t feel uncomfortable after the first few weeks.

Do you need a penis extender to make gains? No. Most impressive gains (with photographic proofs) were made by people using nothing else than their hands.

JelQing requires some time to masterize; are you cut or uncut? For cut guys wet jelqs are generally easier to perform ; if you feel you are near to coming, stop and wait; anyway, this problem will subside by itself with time.

Have you tried wrapping while extending? If it’s a plain noose style you can always modify it and set up the velcro strap mod without shelling out the extra cash at the moment. If it already has the slots for a comfort strap then no modification is required. With proper wrapping I find it comfortable enough to wear for 1-1.5 hours without slippage at med/high tensions.

Thanks for replying to my questions. That really help to know what others are doing? @Louie83, how do you modify the extender with Velcro?

I took a noose extender I had gotten a while ago and ended up not using a lot due to discomfort and around the attachment right on the other side of the barrels the bars go into drilled 2 3/16” holes afterwards using a 1/8” deburr bit to connect the holes effectively giving the attachment slotted holes. You then take 2 single pieces of sticky back velcro 7/8” x 1” and wrap one on each side of the barrel. Cut 2 10” pieces of velcro 7/8” wide male/female and attach them together to create your strap. Push one end through the slot and attach it to the lower portion of the barrel as an anchor while sliding the other end through the opposite slot creating the strap you’ll tighten down around your penis. I use a 1” strip of theraband and ace bandage as my wrap. Stretching yourself out using one hand I actually wrap the lower portion of the glans instead of directly behind it for comfort. Theraband first, wrap 1.5” to 2” from the lower glans down the shaft using the ace afterwards to secure it. Stretch the head through the strap and hold while tightening it and securing yourself in bringing the strap back around over the top and tightly secure it to the original anchoring point. Images would probably help explain this a lot easier but I don’t have any currently. When I get back later I might snap a few to better show you what I’m talking about. I also took a small 1” wide piece of sticky back foam and put it over the areas where the noose holes were to increase the comfort as well as providing a snugger fit once strapped in. 45 minutes to an hour sessions for the first week while adjusting to the feel with 10 minute breaks. As you adjust you’ll be able to wear it for 1.5 hour sessions without many issues.

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