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Do I Have Turkey Neck Or Not?

Do I Have Turkey Neck Or Not?

I assumed that I have a turkey neck because it’s present during a flaccid straight out stretch. However, it is not present when erect.

I noticed that while sitting and erect, my scrotum is tight and my testicles are very close to my shaft, making me appear shorter than I am at other angles. From my point of view, I look much longer than from an underside view. If I had more scrotal skin, my testicles could hang lower in this position and I could actually appear larger than my POV because the internal shaft would be visible. This can be seen in porn. When a guy with a loose scrotum is shot in a seated position, internal shaft gives the appearance of an additional inch or two.

So (1), is it considered turkey neck in the flaccid state, erect state, or both?
(2) Am I right that having a turkey neck while erect will make you appear longer while sitting and erect from an underside view? If so, it doesn’t sound like a bad thing, and I would like to stretch a little extra skin, but I hear guys complaining about turkey neck, although I’m not sure why.
Maybe it’s more underside shaft skin that I want, not necessarily scrotal skin, but (3) how would I go about stretching underside shaft skin?

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As I understand it “Turkey Neck” is a result of not enough shaft skin so that when the the penis is at a full flaccid or erect length the scrotum skin is pulled up the shaft.

Turkey neck is the opposite of what you are describing though. With what you are describing, more skin would let your scrotum hang down further and create the illusion of more length which is good, the opposite is what people do not want, a lack of shaft skin causing the scrotum to ride up the shaft, shortening the appearance.

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