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Do I have to stretch to gain?

Do I have to stretch to gain?

I’ve been stretching in the past few days and I’ve had several pains in my penis. I didn’t stretch so hard but I find that it’s very difficult to hold the glan and pull it out. Do I really need to stretch in order to gain some length? or I can just gain length alone by doing jelq? The pain I got from stretching is that when I masturbat, I feel really hurt inside my penis, the pain is somewhere near the glan. Also, part of my glan has some new darkblue color. I don’t think that I squeezed my glan that hard.

Ur supposed to hold an inch or so below the gland when you strecth, so first id try that before you even bother asking this ?

You may be stretching too hard. Go easy at first. There shouldn’t be any pain during or after.

Stretching seems to be superior compared to jelking when it comes to length gains.
Some people however reported excellent gains by doing only jelking.
For all exercises you are doing please avoid pain. Better is to keep things grow slowly,



There should be no pain!! Any sharp pain, especially around the glans, stop!! Jelqing can give you both length and girth gains.


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