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Do black guys have to worry about discolouration


Going by some porn movies/videos I have watched, YES, they do have to worry about discoloration.

Not from PE bro. At least not me…I had mine beforehand…Kind of like two toned…I always thought it was because of my circumcision…

Depends on color of head


Originally Posted by pgt7787
Well I’m just back from Greece where I spent a few days on a nudist beach. Having only learned about discolouration from PE this winter - and therefore never having really looked for it before - I was surprised to see so many dark willys on white guys. Are they all into PE? Or is a dark unit pretty common??

Hey, what nudist beach in Greece? You talking about Glyfada Beach near Athens?

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Uhh, oh yeah, Mine too. I’m a white guy with a really dark dick but since I began PE it’s gotten even darker. I like it this way.

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Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Hey, what nudist beach in Greece? You talking about Glyfada Beach near Athens?

No, Elia Beach on Mykonos - much more to my taste!!

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I have the two-toned thing going on, too. It’s particularly noticeable when I’m soft. When I get hard, it evens out a bit but my dick’s still noticeably darker. If I ever decided to hit a nudist beach I’d definitely have to tan my thighs first, lol.


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