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Do antidepressants hinder PE

Do antidepressants hinder PE

This is a hypothetical question because I am not on antidepressants, but if one was to be on them, would they affect PE growth?

PE is also a state of mind and you need to think positive and be persistent. So yes, I think in a small part it can effect PE. Wait for more re-plays will see what other members say.

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I got gains during a couple of months last year on a SSRI, my thread: Willywilly38’s quest for EQ, control and size on SSRI

I was a beginner back then, medication kind of helped in one way, decreased my libido -> easier to stay flaccid while stretching. You can see positive thing in everything ;)

If you are depressed, you probably won’t find the energy to do PE. So I guess SSRI’s would aid gains, if you are depressed.

regards, mgus

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It’s helped me I’m sure. I’m on Wellbutrin, and before PE it turned me into a sex monster, erections all the time and horny as hell. I think it should be sold as a sex drug. Orgasams were insanely (no pun intended) intense and seemed to go on forever, but I also know that it effects everyone differently.

Before Wellbutrin I was on Lexapro, couldn’t ejaculate to save my life, and erections were weak, which will make you more depressed!

When I started PE it just intensified it’s effects, and being level headed has helped, so I would say that it has been a plus for me.

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I’ve been on Wellbutrin myself actually and still experience normal reactions to PE, such as in my PIs and in gains as well. Not to worry much about it I would think, but just listen to what your body and mind tells you. I think most would agree that mental health is more important then penile health.

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