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I hope you guys are doing well. I have read about DMSO and PABA.

I understand DMSO is: dimethyl sulfoxide, and PABA is: 4-aminobenzoic acid.

So, to help me better understand the two.

What is the required purity % for both. As well, in which form are they used? One a liquid, one a cream?

In regards to DMSO. What purity and is it supposed to be deluted or not?

PABA is a powder, so is it supposed to be in a cream form or liquid?

I know DMSO is supposed to be used in: droplets inside but not into urethra.

But PABA I don’t even know.

Thanks for helping me out!

Enlighten me. What do you plan on using these for?

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Originally Posted by gprent
Enlighten me. What do you plan on using these for?

+1 I read up a little on these products and I would also like to know your purpose? What I know from reading on DMSO is that it is used for inflammation and PABA is no longer used as a vitamin ingredient; PABA also has a lethal dose range and should only be medical prescribed by a physician.

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Softening tissue it sounds like.

I used DMSO + PABA succesfully on my diagnosed peyronies(along with other solutions). 80% Solution of DMSO(the 99% will burn) and pulverized PABA in a satured solution. Then apply to clean dick. Nothing for dumbheads. You need to know what you do as DMSO can transport a poison right into your system.
And of course you wouldnt want to bath in a full bathtube of dmso with PABA saturated to get to the toxic range.

Purity of course the highest possible. I think there are trusted sellers who sell DMSO since a long time.(I got mine locally).

I tried dmso + iodine for a week, the dmso made me feel something weird and negative happening behind/into my left eye, the iodine had some effects inside the chest (no idea if it was positive or not, activated the thyroid maybe? ).

Dude,take care with DMSO .

It can be very harmful for our health.

Has anybody who is doing ChemPE every thought about the possibility that he might raise his risks for cancer with these experiments?

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