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DLD blasters hanging for a newb

DLD blasters hanging for a newb

Hey guys,

I have been doing PE for about 3 weeks now and I can say I am straight up addicted. Addicted to gaining, addicted to the new confidence that comes with the gains, and addicted to feeling of being motivated and determined to hit 9 X 7.

My routine has been sort of all over the place for the past 3 weeks and have tried dabbling in the many different areas of PE within this time frame.
I have come to a few conclusions but with those have come many more questions. My routine has pretty much on average been:
5 mins warm up - Hot wrap
200 wet jelqs - I increase each session by 5 jelqs, and am up to 230 jelqs now

After that, I have done about 2 “real” stretching sessions. I can honestly say that I really dislike stretching manually the standard way as laid out in the newbie routine. I would much rather hang, however I know many of the vets like to state that this should be put on hold until you are more “advanced”.

I have already gained close to 1/4 inch in my girth going from 5 inch to 5 1/4 inches in 3 weeks time. My length I don’t believe has increased at all but it does look a bit bigger when erect. I think I could possibly have measured incorrectly at first when measuring my EG but who knows? I get little pinpoint spots on my penis after every PE session, however my penis is never sore or fatigued feeling. I would really like to incorporate DLD blasters into my routine because when I do them I can really feel a good stretch. If you guys have any suggestions of how I can add them to my 10-15 min jelqing session that I do 5-6 days a week that would be awesome. I feel like my girth will come along nice if I keep up the wet jelqs but I would really like to start hanging (looking into Bib Hanger) and doing blasters for my length. Let me know what you all think. Thanks again.


Why is my NBPEL 6 1/4 in. And my BPEL is only 1/4 in. More? Is it because I am lean and don’t have that much on my fat pad at all? Also I’m wondering with a lot of around 7, what exercises and stretches will be best for me?

Oh and my Girth is 5 1/4 and FL is 7 1/4 just for the record.

It is difficult to give you advice n your routine when you have only been ecersing for 3 weeks budzmaster.

what we prefer is for you to try an established routine. for a month or three then tell us what gains , or how your penis has been affected by that routine as we do need something to measure by. And in this forum we rely on the Newbie routine as the standard.

With regard to your BPL and NBPL meassurements, Yes ,you must have a thin fat pad there

Hope that helps.

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Hey budzmaster, I am glad you like PE, and are so enthusiastic about it. Still, don’t become overzealous, and it seems like you are.

I know you are anxious about gains, as are we all, but you need to play the PE game smart and patient. And that means no DLD blasters or advanced exercises before you finish the newbie routine - and that would be 2 more months.

There are several important reasons why you need to take it easy - 1. you need to condition your penis; and 2. if you start with advanced exercises too soon, you may not use all of your newbie gains, and that would be a shame.

Stick to the regular stretching for a while. There is no need to change a routine if you are still gaining. Also, if you want length, jelqing alone will not do the trick. So as much as you dislike stretching, do it, at least a couple of minutes daily.

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Originally Posted by budzmaster
Why is my NBPEL 6 1/4 in. And my BPEL is only 1/4 in. More? Is it because I am lean and don’t have that much on my fat pad at all? Also I’m wondering with a lot of around 7, what exercises and stretches will be best for me?

Oh and my Girth is 5 1/4 and FL is 7 1/4 just for the record.

Your flaccid length is more than your erect length?

Invis: Yes my FL stretched out is longer than my EL.. But I have seen this occurrence before. I think it was Big who has a longer FL than EL.

Also to chicken and Petit : I really am not overzealous, I am just very excited because I feel like I am a quick gainer and am excited that I am already seeing gains this fast. However I would really like to switch out dld blasters for my stretching because I did about 20 of them last night and felt such a good stretch and pull and my dong once again was not aching or fatigued after for more than 5-10 mins. It’s not that I want to go “advanced” I just want to do what I “feel” best. I also built a captains wench but it is very uncomfortable and I think I will wait to hang. When I do I guess Ill go with the all mighty bib.

Then it’s FSL (flaccid stretched length). For clarity.

regards, mgus

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Just according to some theories (correct me if I’m wrong), your LOT would suggest investing in stretches targeted at the Tunica, moreso than the ligs.

The fact that your FSL is 1” longer than you EL, according to TGC, would mean your smooth muscle is your limiting factor, but those exercises should wait until a newbie routine has been completed.

James - Thank you for your post it was very informative! I will definitely take those words of wisdom into consideration.
I took the other guys’ advice about just doing the basic stretching along with the jelqing. However while doing the stretches I have been doing hard kegels and then doing reverse kegels and pulling a bit harder; sort of like what DLD does in his DLD blaster routine.

I feel like I have my routine basically down for now which looks like this:
5 min hot wrap
10 min stretching
5 min hot wrap
230 jelqs - 2-3 seconds each, and I add +5 more each session

Then sometimes after I will kegel blood into the guy and manually clap at the base with my hand and hold for 5 secs, release 2 seconds, repeat for 10 reps, and I feel like I’m going to up it by 2 each time.

BTW James you make good points about the smooth muscle being my limiting factor, when finished with the newbie routine, what sort of exercises would one look into when trying to target the smooth muscle? Thanks man.

I just realized.. The hard kegel squeeze and hold thing is called a ULI. :)

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