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DIY Shockwave Therapy Machine


Originally Posted by whacky76
A DIY electromagnetic shock wave device, cost unknown.

Parts list:
1. High voltage charging system
2. Triggered spark gap (…ransformers.pdf).
3. DC power supply.
4. Timing control circuit using 555 integrated circuit.
5. Flashlight with exterior rubber coating to prevent shock hazard.
6. Metal post / nail.
7. 22 gauge magnetic wire.
8. Cylindrical insulator covering metal post / nail.
9. Cylindrical insulator covering magnetic wire after constructing electromagnet.
10. Cylindrical piece of metal for the diaphragm.

Assembly instructions:
Place insulator over nail.
Wrap magnetic wire around nail creating electromagnet, keep it neat and tight only one layer.
Place insulator over electromagnet coil winding.
Place metal diaphragm over insulator.
Remove light bulb from flashlight and install electromagnet device in it’s place.
Everything must be electrically insulated to prevent shock hazard.

Pictures provided for applicator head and timing control circuit.

This is where things get real tricky with science. The focal point of your DIY device needs to be determined for greatest effect. The high voltage level will determine the BARS of pressure. You want to stay between 1 and 5 BARS. Maybe this can go viral as an instruct-able and someone figure out how to calibrate it.

Oh woah, amazing! Thanks! Very different underlying mechanic from the ultrasound, but this is certainly useful either way. I was thinking of a 555 circuit already.

DIY electromagnetic ballistic shock wave wand

A DIY electromagnetic ballistic shock wave wand for less than $100 dollars.
I have not started this project yet, just brain storming.

Parts list:
1. DC power supply, cost $12 dollars.
2. Motor speed controller, cost $9 dollars.
3. Electromagnetic Solenoid, cost $11 dollars.
4. Two Neodymium Magnets with poles on the end not the circumference, cost $24 dollars.
5. PVC tubing, various sizes, cost $20 dollars.
6. Timing control circuit using 555 integrated circuit.
7. Applicator head, 15mm diameter, cost unknown.
8. Plastic washer for strike plate.

Assembly instructions:
You will put together PVC to create an electromagnetic wand.

Use an appropriate size PVC cap to hold the Electromagnetic Solenoid.
Drill two holes in PVC cap, one in the center and one in the side of cap.
Insert the Electromagnetic Solenoid into the cap running wire out the side hole.
Secure the Electromagnetic Solenoid to the cap with a screw.
Attach PVC coupler to cap to reduce its diameter.
Attach PVC pipe to coupler creating a barrel for the ballistic magnet.
Place Neodymium Magnet into PVC barrel paying strict attention to magnetic poles.
Attach PVC coupler to PVC tube and insert plastic washer strike plate, it will protect second magnet.
Next add second permanent magnet paying strict attention to magnetic poles.
Finish the wand barrel with the applicator head, which I have not figured out what to use or buy at this time.

Attach electromagnetic solenoid wiring to the output of the motor speed controller.
Wire output of DC power supply to the input of the motor speed controller, carefully check polarity.
Wire 555 timing control circuit to the motor speed controller.

Theory of Operation:
The ballistic magnet will be repelled back and forth along the barrel of the wand, “IF” you get the magnetic polarities correct. When current is applied to the electromagnet, it’s polarity will be the same as the ballistic magnet forcing it to accelerate down the wand hitting the strike plate. The magnetic force must be strong enough to overcome the repelling force of the permanent magnet behind the strike plate. When current is shut off to the electromagnet the ballistic object will be repelled by the permanent magnet returning it to the start position. The DC power supply feeding the electromagnet will be switched on and off by the motor speed controller. The motor speed controller will get it’s on/off firing from the 555 integrated circuit.

Note: The magnets have ratings, a number followed by the letter “N”. This is where the experimenting begins, getting the power rating of the magnets correct so the oscillating of the ballistic object up and down the wand operates correctly hitting the strike plate causing the concussive shock wave.

You may wonder why I placed my DIY shockwave ideas in this forum. It will be great to increase the size of your dick, but if it is a limp noodle what have you gained? At some point in our lives we may get ED, therapy and these machines are expensive, I am just trying to help.


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