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Divocup Penis Retainer Domes


I wanted to buy some a few weeks ago off of eBay but got out bid by a guy paying full price. I agree withthe rest of you $120 is too much to pay to an experimental PE tool. I often wonder about just getting some and casting a mold with a slight rubber ridge or similar modification and making my own version to sell for $40 or less. I mean come on it’s just cheap plastic that he charges the same amount as a plastic pump for.

But there isn’t, not yet anyway. Is making a casting mold hard??

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Bit pricey for what amounts to 7cents of plastic, but the bloke is a genuine and likeable sort of fellow, and seems to spend truckloads on his chemical PE regimen, so I brought some to support his “habit” just out of gratitude for the reading material his site has provided me.

They’ll be on ebay for $5 before too long I imagine though from competitors.

Originally Posted by 256637

But there isn’t, not yet anyway. Is making a casting mold hard??

From what I have seen it’s a bit time consuming and messy but seems easy.

If this guy truly is a gay escort in Quebec, with his hands tied in steroids and bodybuilding, chemical PE, and pushing his divo cups on his web site, then he probably doesn’t bother with making,packaging,and shrink wrapping his product on his own. I deduce that he is having a major company produce everything for him. Therefore we can probably reproduce the same product at a much lower cost, but only for personal use to avoid lawsuits.

We must find a custom plastic website to do this for us.

Has anyone had any success with the divocup? I have been looking into buying this product which seems to be just a little pricey for just a little piece of plastic. I hope someone has had some something to say about it whether it be negative or positive feedback.


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