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Discussion on best alternatives to jelqing

Discussion on best alternatives to jelqing

So it has been a while since I’ve been on TP. I began PE a while back, had some gains, but got sidetracked from it due to a lot going on in my life.

My issue is that I am worried to jelq due to concerns with turkey neck and hair growth on the shaft of my penis, neither of which I wish to worsen. The problem is that there seems to be no reliable way to jelq without the possibility of doing just that. This has me a bit worried due to how much of a staple jelqing is, and if excluding it will hinder my gains, which leads me to my question on best alternatives to jelqing.

It would also be interesting to hear other’s experiences with routines that did not include jelqing or possible techniques of jelqing that take these issues into consideration. The only thing I tried when I was doing them was a cock ring around the top of my scrotum to reduce excess skin being pulled while jelqing.

I have read that clamping and/or pumping are viable alternatives, but since it has been a long time since I’ve done any PE (read: not conditioned) I’m not sure how that would be to begin with those. Which leads me to another question, is manual stretching alone enough to condition one’s penis to clamping/pumping?

Just a few questions/concerns that I want to clear up before I start doing PE again. Thanks mates.

Me too.

I too have some doubts about it.
I did stretching & jelq for about 2 months before I stopped a month ago, out of worry that I might do damage to my penis or stuff like that.
The problem when jelqing is, I don’t know for sure if I’m doing it too hard or not hard enough; and that worries me in case I’m forcing it too much and might get injury or -as said above- a turkey neck.
Is there any way to be sure that we’re doing it safely?

I’m talking about something that’s more measurable than “feeling” that it’s getting a bit cold or a bit sore. I mean, what if when I do “feel” it, it was already too late? That would really freak me out.
Anyone got experience on this thing?

I understand the “worry” about the turkey-neck issue. But I am curious to understand if you have seen any evidence of it.

It woudl be a shame to reject jelqing as a staple of your PE routine because you are worried about something that may not even be an issue. Why not give jelqing a try for another month or so and see if you really have an issue.

Alternatives would include manual stretching combined with Uli’s

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I would say do the linear newbie routine and closely monitor your PI’s as you go along. That will really help you see if you are doing too much. Also as far as the hair growth grows i say that’s what razors are for. I would happily have an extra inch if it meant i had to do a little extra shaving.

I have an inch and a half if hair up my dick from PE and I just shave it off in the bath.

Wet jelqing and hanging are an inseparable pair in my opinion if you want to continue growth past the newbie phase.

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Dry jelqs don’t cause turkey neck.

Jelqs are for PE what deadlifts (or squats) are for weight training.

Well as for the evidence of turkey neck and hair growth, those were a big part of what stopped me from starting back into PE after I initially stopped. I use to shave, but now for the hair I tweeze (even waxed). In all honesty the hair growth has me a lot more worried than the turkey neck aesthetically. I definitely DO want to jelq, it’s just that I wish there was a simple solution for the hair growth on the shaft.

That’s interesting regarding dry jelqs. I have only ever tried wet, but I would have thought that wet jelqs would create less surface friction, thus less skin pull compared to dry jelqs but I’ll give it a try.

If my dick grows enough so “hair creep” or turkey neck is a noticeable issue, I am still going to be happy.

Know that hair growing on your shaft is actually normal, you may have had hair on your shaft when you started PE. To see a study Google Penile Hair Patterns of Whites and Negroes, Laurel Raymond Setty, PH.D.

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Sure it’s normal, but not to the extent I have it. You wouldn’t be able to tell by looking due to the effort I put in tweezing, but razor bumps/in-grown hairs definitely do not lend themselves to a very aesthetic look, or feel for that matter. It’s easy to trivialize when you aren’t experiencing it first-hand, but the main point is if I can still GAIN without the threat of worsening an already bad issue than that would be ideal. Hence looking for alternatives.

You guys sure that it’s not age that created more hair on shaft? Just like how the body seems to get more hairy well into adult life.

I’m in my 20’s so that is definitely not the cause.

Just stretch the skin in the middle of your shaft so that the skin with hair gets lower and lower.

Originally Posted by Prime
I’m in my 20’s so that is definitely not the cause.

LOL I’m not talking about puberty here!
I thought men get hairier well into their 40’s, that’s why middle aged men look so hairy. So it probably includes shaft hair.

Anyway I read on another forum of a guy that stretched his ball skin in different areas, he said it helped. Also the above comment sounds like a good technique too.

What about me saying I’m in my 20’s implies anything about puberty? (LOL). While some parts do get hairier as you age, if hair on the shaft was one of those it would be a very common issue.

And as far as stretching the skin, the results I’ve read on that are mixed at best, with some people mentioning it worsening the issues.

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