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Discovering the importance of stretching at the end of exercises

Discovering the importance of stretching at the end of exercises

When I started PEing about a month ago, my routine was warm up, stretch, jelq, stretch. I wanted length gains so I would give all my effort when stretching.. At least before the jelqs. The second stretch I would somewhat slack off with.

I noticed that at the end of PE sometimes my penis would be somewhat short flaccid, but thicker, like it retracted.

For the past couple of days I have stretched with 100% effort before AND after jelqing. I have noticed a huge difference in the state of my dick immediately after PE. Instead of being short and thicker it is now at least 1/2 in. Longer flaccid than I am normally and just as thick.

All I can say is this:



Good observation.


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Cool. I normally slack off aswell or just wait for too long and forget 2 do it. I personally, don’t like doing my post workout stretch till I’m very soft again, for a good 10 minutes after I see have a semi hard state.

I think there is something to this. Last time I gained length from manual stretching I alternated short periods of jelqing and stretching. I’d jelq for a few minutes (maybe do a Uli at the end), take a short break and become completely flaccid, stretch for a few minutes, then straight back to jelqing again. Repeat for the duration of the session. The only negative is it requires a fair amount of erection control.

It makes sense, stretching after other PE exercises may be more beneficial because you’re warmed up at best and tunica and ligs are more pliable than before workout. After jelqing I would wait some time for blood to get away so to have adequate flaccid state for stretching.

I’ve noticed the same thing. I stretch before all my workouts and in the end I clamp my dick in the penimaster for at least 30 minutes stretched to the max.


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