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Hey hows it going guys.. So I’m new to posting so ill write a bit about myself. I’m young, probably around 10% body fat, keep in pretty good shape. My penis is roughly 6 x 4.25 inches. I’ve been doing the newbie routine on and off, sporadically over id say at least a few months.

So anyways, here’s my dilemma. No matter what I do, whether I jelq 25 times or 100 times, stretch lightly or firmly, warm up and warm down throughly, maybe throw in a cooldown, jelq gently or with more pressure, whatever it is- all I get is negative pis. Not alot of morning wood (although I don’t really get it anymore, still, it just won’t increase), same size if not smaller flaccid hang (sometimes even to the point of annoyance, like an itch), and after a session (like I said, no matter how intense or how light) my penis will hang larger as the erection fades away for a short time and then quickly go back to it’s regular size. Does not hang fuller, nothing.

Just a few more details in case it helps at all, I have a very sensitive penis and I have to struggle to keep myself relaxed in order to not jelq at 100%. Consequentially, I jelq at about 90% (can’t help it). I edge alot, I’m also trying to increase my stamina (which is pitiful). Only masturbate on occasion at the end of a night where I edged and did a full newbie routine.

I’ve been holding out on posting a thread asking for help, I wanted to make sure I had tried everything and see if I could find what technique, pressure, method, etc worked for me. Just Inst working.

Hello wadatah.

First point: constistence is the key. On and off is a no-no in PE. All your troubles are coming from this mistake, if I had to bet.

Also: how old are you?

Yeah I know. But the negative pi’s n lack of positive ones mean I’m doing something wrong. Shouldn’t be consistent at possibly damaging my wang, right? Haha. I’m 18.

You are probably just tripping and putting undue pressure on yourself. Back it off for a week or two and start fresh. Start the newbie again, And complete it. I have to say man, I love your handle……. Sine the pitty on the runny kine bro!

Negative PI’s are one theory, they’re not set in stone. Train through the negative PI’s and see what the end result is for yourself.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

If you think you can’t endure 5on2off or 3on1off, at least try 2on1off, it doesn’t matter, just try the days you need until you get used.

And stick to the newbie routine at first, is the best.

You might want to try adding kegels to your routine. You can do them discretely whenever you want. The more experienced I get, the more I see they are a very under-rated exercise.

I would also recommend the amino acid L-Arginine. Try to find 1 gram tablets. They are cheap on Start with 1 or 2 grams/day, and move up to maybe 4 grams/day after a couple of weeks. I notice a BIG difference in EQ when taking it, but I’m 42. Do not take large quantities of Arginine, because you could develop hemorrhoids believe it or not. I knew the risks from my education of supplements, and sure enough I got one after going a little overboard with it. Didn’t think it could happen to me. ( It went away after discontinuing Arginine for awhile, but so did my steel erections). Just start slow, and see what your body can tolerate.

Hope this helps.

How did you measure?

Kazooplayer: oh, I wasn’t aware of that. Idk it’s just like.. For example, I did light newbie routines, kegels and everything (ginzo41), yesterday and the day before, todays my off day. Right now as I’m sitting in my chair, my penis feels almost like I got a shrinky like you’d get naked in a freezing cold room you kno(not completely but it’s just like that feeling). It’s like I feel it there because it’s gotten smaller, hard to explain but ifu kno what I’m talkin bout you kno it’s mad uncomfortable. Idk it drives me crazy. Idk man I just can’t imagine my penis growing in size when it is actin like this you kno.

Ginzo I actually take l-argnine as a supplement for weight lifting, and a lot of it. Take no-xplode b4 workouts nd some nitrix (largnine supplemnent) on top of it. For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been cycling off, but yea while on it my flaccid does typically hang fuller (but I’m also drinking alot more water) and I do get harder erections much quicker. And yes I agree, I do think kegels are very underrated, I try to do them throughout the day.

Only got a standard flat ruler.. My nbel n bpel r very close around 5.8-6. To measure girth I took a earphone cord wrapped it around n marked it then brought it to the ruler. Due to the slight thickness of the cord my penis might be even slimmer than that, maybe 4.1 or so but I like to give myself a little comfort =p

Yeah idk guys, I guess I’m just gna keep on at it hopefully this bastard decides to cooperate 4 a change


Just keep it slow and light. Keep referring to your PIs to make sure it’s positive.

Starting Stats: 27/10/2008 - BPEL: 5.9' BFSL: 6.1' EG: 5' (I think); Goal: BPEL: 7.9' EG: 6.5'; I want to reach my goal by October 2009. My focus is on lenght at this time.

That’s a hard case to work with, but my advice is, if there’s no pain, keep going. Try to ignore the feeling of your junk the next day and just keep your head down and do your exercises; if it doesn’t change, switch it up. Maybe you’ll need to go lighter, maybe you’ll need to go heavier. Experiment, see what works.

As an aside, ThunderSS is pretty strict about “internet chat,” and although I know “idk” is an abbreviation, I think it walks the line between what is, and what is not allowed here. Just trying to help you get acquainted with the place, best of luck man.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Alright, I’m gonna keep trying.. I appreciate the help

Good news guys.. So I just kept trying new things, reading a little more and more, think I may have found something that works. So what I changed was I just edged before the workout (a little extra warmup), then did my usual rice sock + wash cloth warm up. Then after the stretches n jelqs, instead of just wrapping my gear in a hot washcloth and letting it sit or do kegels, I watch porn and make sure I’m at full erection while I warmdown. After a few minutes, I make the washcloth cold, and do a cool down, again at a full erection. Wang hangs just a bit more fuller now after workouts, and typically all day. Feels a bit wider in my hand too already. I’m very excited and optimistic. Thanks again for your help!

START: 11/18/08: BPEL- 6 1/8 in. (15cm) x EG 4 3/8 in. (11.3cm)

GOAL: 6 1/2 in. X 5 in. By end of Jan '09

glad to hear youre making progress man. A lot of PE is just figurin out what works for you and I think it’s good to realize that as soon as possible. I’m finally figuring it out myself and I’m sure you’ve got some gains to look forward to. Best of luck to you.

If your penis is “sensitive,” and it’s difficult not to get an 100% erection when PE’ing, I would say that is a positive PI. You need to make sure your penis is in a proper state of malleability before exercising or it will be a waste. You seem to have found a way to get in this penis “zone” where you will have the opportunity to make progress. If your penis isn’t “right” at the beginning of the workout, it will most likely be an unproductive workout with a higher probability of over-training due to the fact that you are not FEELING anything…if you know what I mean.

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