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Discomfort concern

Discomfort concern

Everything is going well except for this discomfort I felt recently. My left side always feels more taut than the right one, it is actually a weaker side and causes my dick to fall towards there(the left). I went to pee this morning and felt a numbness at the base of the shaft on the left side, like in the corner where it inserts into the rest of me. I have already decided to take a rest from PE, but has anybody experienced this before, or knows what it is?

You are gripping way to hard. Don’t do PE until the numbness leaves.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Thanks, Kingpole! I assumed I would need some time off. It’s weird, there is no more numbness but now a slightly tight feeling, so I think I will give it a few more days of no action before returning to PE. Also, when you say I grip too hard, what is too hard? I think if I squeeze to the point where my dick turns a darker color is too much, right? Would you say a “firm” OK sign is good, or something between “firm” and “strangling” is better?

Jelq grip strength = bare minimum to get the jelq done effectively. So a light masturbatory grip. Remember you also should really try and feel what is happening with you dick, and the lighter you can hold your jelqing hand, the more subtle and full the range of feedback you can get. So firm at most… no hint of a strangle!

Stretch grip strength = bare minimum to do the stretch and hold the stretch securely. Again the lighter you can grip the better.

This advice is of invaluable worth. Thank you both.

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