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Ok, so I’m going to make this simple, been doing this for a while, more or less hanging routine, with pumping on rest days just for the hell of it, can’t hurt right?

So, I know all about the discoloration thing, and to be honest, I don’t see what the big deal is, I’m sure after a few years and after the cementing gains phase through normal skin regeneration (like any scar, etc) the intensity of the discoloration would go down. Besides, once you have your monster cock in front of a girls face, do you really think she’s going to critique the slightly more darker regions of your penis? No. Most penis’s are different colors than the rest of the body anyway, and I’m sure the color is the last thing a girl is going to care about. Especially if your penis is one of the biggest, or IS the biggest of any she’s seen.

That aside, I have discoloration, big whoop, it’s not a problem, I just would like an explanation for it..

When I pump, the discoloration is much more noticable, my whole shaft, and head are are darker shade than everything else, almost purple I guess. But the thing is, as soon as I exit the bathmate, the discoloration goes away. Size stays, color goes away. Now I have been hanging pretty hardcore lately, I figure that’s the only way I’m going to see major gains (doin it big like bib) but I try to make sure
I don’t injure myself. I still get morning wood, hard when aroused, I can still move my penis without touching it soft or hard, etc..

I’ve never really noticed discoloration outside of the first few minutes after a set when I remove the bibhanger, but it’s only temporary, it’s only really noticable when pump, like within the first 30 seconds I remove my penis from the bathmate, and then it just fades away.not even after getting an erection (say, before having sex.30 minutes to an hour after using the bathmate) will I see discoloration

I’m probably just going to take a picture of it, but I mean you should be able to visualize it, I’d say that about 75 - 80 % of my penis will be a darker color, borderline purple(?) and the rest is kinda red. And then like I said in the above post it just goes away fairly quickly

My humble opinion is darker looks better.

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