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I’ve noticed some discoloration and I don’t mind it now but does it continually get worse if I continue? Once you get to a certain point does it stop?

There are ways to get rid of it , but you should start now. Search for wrapping to remove discoloration , and massaging to remove discoloration.

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I got to say I’m a little confused about what discoloration entails. It looks like my dick is getting a tan right now. Can you get dark spots? Or is it usually spread out? I don’t want a spotted dick.

I think it would be nice if you begin telling us how did you get this discoloration.

Btw.. I guess you should be already worried because it’s already a worst thing. : /
By my newbie knowledge dark spots are usually from jelqing and should be gone very soon.

The best thing I can say, I guess, is for you to be more careful with your penis and give proper attention to the PIs.

Take care :)

This topic has been discussed before many times. There’s basically three things you could do to help stop the discoloration. 1) make sure you always warm up and warm down. 2) Use vita K cream 3) Use the search button and take a look at “shedding the snake” thread.

Hope that helps.

I don’t want to be annoying but I have so much about my dick that I don’t like so I’m trying to minimize any more problems. Nobody really answered me if the discoloration is dark spots. I’ve been looking at my dick alot and noticed a few dark small dark spots. Not too noticeable, just slightly darker then natural skin that isn’t going away(I don’t know if it was always there, maybe I was paranoid after reading about discoloration and noticed everything about my dick). The reason why I’m concerned is because I have a brown spot on my dick about 4mm in diameter and I can’t remember if I’ve always had it or if it came from PEing(I started PEing a few years back but stopped). I don’t want anymore turning out like that bigger and darker. Still a little confused about discoloration. Any clarification?

I’m the same way, I can’t remember if it was already like that. I have a dark spot on my head too which I don’t remember where the hell it came from. For me, the darkness is not uniform, more like blotches. I’ve tried some peeling with that wart remover, I think it works but I’m not sure yet. It’s kind of a bitch because the last time I did it I got really sweaty the next day and the dried cream kinda just came off, so I don’t know if it’s going to do anything, still waiting. I did notice however that the area which you apply the stuff seems to get darker first, then it dries and peels.

Anyway I don’t even PE that much and I’m dark, so whatever that means. Also, personally I have not seen any darkness going away on its own so I’m going to keep working with the peeling.
BTW I don’t like a lot my pecker either. The only good thing about it is that it gets hard.

Update: I just looked at it, it definitely gets darker first…

Discolouration is usually either evenly spread over the whole penis, or concentrated around the area of the circumcision scar. Dark spots are more likely from damaged blood vessels from over-doing the jelqing or not warming up before jelqing.

Take a few days off and see if the dark spots go. If they are just from damaged blood vessels they will. Then begin again more gently. If they don’t go, then you probably always had them.

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