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I’ve been browsing the forums and noticed that a common side effect of PE is discoloration. Is there a way to avoid this, or does it just happen? How extreme is this discoloration usually? Hopefully it doesn’t make your dick look like it’s about to fall off and die.

Any help would be great.

It is caused from over doing it. That’s why you need rest days.

Also if you grip to hard it can cause discoloration.

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True kingpole, but there is also the more general darkening of the whole penis which I think will be a hard thing to avoid if you stick with PE for some time. So you will need to accept some general darking which doesn’t necessarily need to be that bad. There are some ways to counter it afterwards with creams and such and some of it fades but mostly you should make sure that you do the warmups and warmdowns. Massaging the dick while warming down is also good. During a routine if you feel you have applied to much preesure, do helicopter spins to get fresh circulation going. Helicopter spins just means that you grab the dick at the base and swing it around.

From doing the Newbie routine you should not experience that much discoloration though. The more bad type of discoloration that resembles bruising usually comes from doing heavy girth excersises and overdoing it.

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