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Hey all,

No, I am not here to ask of any special techniques to remove it. However, I am a step ahead and wondering what steps people take in order to prevent this distasteful issue called discoloration? I did a search and just found methods, which seem crazy (applying acid agents to the penis, I guess they are more brave than I) and did not find any peoples opinions on preventing this. Just wondering peoples techniques and ways which work.


The way to prevent discoloration is not to go overboard with whatever technique you are using. Discoloration is the result of burst capillaries not being allowed to heal over a long period of time due to repeated trauma. So as long as you are not breaking capillaries, you will be fine. PE is a fine balance between using enough force to get results, while staying below your trauma line.

What type of PE do you use?

Thanks for that gprent :) Learnt something new :)

Great tip to know before starting, cheers

Thanks gprent,

Well just getting back into the game, I figured I should start with the Newbie routine. So thats my PE routine for the next couple months I suppose. I’m switching between 3 on, break, 2 on, break, 3 on, etc. So as long as I am giving the penis time to rest, and taking longer rests when I feel it is appropriate, I should be fine?

Thanks again,

Does anyone have pictures of a cock with discoloration?

I don’t have a clear idea of what it could look like.

I take pure vitamin E lotion, which is just pretty much just soybean oil with some additive in there, something called topopheryl acetate, and almost soak my penis in that to help prevent chaffed skin, and some discoloration, seems to work ok for surface problems, doesn’t get rid of major damage or red spots, only time heals those.

Originally Posted by lovinthebeach5
So as long as I am giving the penis time to rest, and taking longer rests when I feel it is appropriate, I should be fine?

I think it has to do with what kind of trauma you subject your dick to - you don’t want to burst capillaries on a routine basis. Overdoing things and then having to rest a long time will probably result in discoloration as well (i.e. taking a wooden mallet to aid your workout, and then having to wait two months)

regards, mgus

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