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I started PE in last summer but never dedicated the necessary time, only jelqing once in a while, stretching sometimes, but reading a lot in the forum.

At the beginning of this month I decided to start taking it seriously (part of new year’s resolutions ;) ) and one of the facts that made me think wisely on this is that discoloration.

My question is, if doing the newbie routine I’ll start to get this side effect or it’s just after long time PE?

Just because I think the color is getting somehow different.

Well, for me, it got a tiny bit darker but not a major discoloration. But do a search. This questions has been asked many times :)

You shouldn’t incur any dramatic discoloration from the Newbie Routine. The advanced exercises hold a greater risk of discoloration, but it’s by no means uniform across the board. Some guys (such as myself) don’t discolor much at all, some darken relatively quickly.

I suppose it’s a case of how much you are willing to sacrifice for gains.

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Thank you :)

I have have been jelqing about a month and I just joined the forum. My biggest issue has been with the broken blood vessels and some bruising. I have been trying to spend more time warming up with the hot towel. Also I may have been trying to do to much to soon. With warming up a little more the bruising has lessened.

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