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can someone please explain how to avoid discoloration and how it comes about and how to possbly get rid of it.

Jelqing is a good cause but a lot of serious discoloration originates from squeezes. It comes from fluid being forced through semi-permeable membranes under pressure and not having a route to dissipate. You can minimise it by warm wrapping throughly before and after a session. Highly taut areas of skin may encourage it as well. Known techniques to remove it are massage and wrapping but over time it should fade to a degree on its own once you’ve finished PE’ing.

These kinds of questions are best placed in the newbie forum.

memento, if you’d allow Thunder to make you a mod you’d be able to relocate threads yourself. :)

A sticky thread in the Newbie Forum addresses discoloration. In addition to memento’s links, read help wrapping to remove discoloaration and this.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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thanks and next time ill be sure to post correctly

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