Discoloration Question

Started PE yesterday, taking it easy to begin with as suggested with beginner routines and such. I do it in the shower as I live with my other half, so as for now its a secret which hopefully she’ll find out about physically! But anyway, my routine consists of a 5 minute hot flannel with hot water on my fella to warm up. It is followed by a few stretches, at the moment only 5 consisting of around 20 seconds. I then proceed into the jelqing phase which I currently only allow to last for the maximum of 5 minutes. This is then followed by another hot wrap to cool off. I have noticed I hang a little bit bigger, so hopefully I’m doing things nicely and without any dangers so far.

My question is, the tip of my penis after the session seems to be discoloured slightly, like a blue/purple kind of shade. I don’t feel any pain or unusual sensations. Just wondering if this is a sign of anything whether its positive or negative?