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Disastrous first jelq attempt

Disastrous first jelq attempt

You might laugh a little with this..

So people, I first attempted to jelq today but it didn’t really ended up as I expected..

I bought a lube named Jontex. It says its supposed to help sex when vaginal lubrication isn’t enough. But it sucks!! Starts to get sticky after 2 minutes and my cock wouldn’t get bellow 100% erection!!

I’m using the fact that my mother (I live alone with her, she’s divorced, I’m 19) is travelling in business so I could get my self time to try with more calm the techniques. I used a buck of hot water from the shower and a thermal gel bag (those used cold to treat injuries, like fever and leg injuries from soccer, for example, but in this case I heated it up). I would place it in the hot water inside the bucket, wait 6 - 8 minutes and take it out, applying to my penis. The sensation was good, I got to 100% erection fast. After 5 minutes I took it off and started to apply the lube I bought. My erection wasn’t subsiding, so I grabbed it with my both hands to try and avoid heat escaping while it could lower the erection down. I had it grabbed for like 10 minutes LOL, I couldn’t get bellow 100% erection!! I was about to try to hit it against the wall (I do this often during my days when unwanted erections come by at the worst possible times) but as soon as I was releasing my hands it was sticked like a glue!! I almost hurt myself taking my hands out of it LOL.. Now my dick is completely flaccid again while I write this, and for those who saw my first thread here at the newbie forum where I got psychological erectile disfunction, now I got the exact completely opposite.

Sorry the double post, but I forgot to add somethings I would like to ask the community:

What would you guys recommend me for a lube? This one is awful and I have pity of people who tried using this for sex..

That thermal bag was also bad, heat would subside very fast.. I thought about buying an automatic electronic heating bag, would that even exist?

Just pick up some water based KY or something from Walmart. Rice sock works nicely for a warmup, but I’m sure your mom would question you running to the microwave every night to throw in your rice sock. Perhaps claim you are lazy, and pick up a used mini fridge and microwave and put it in your room. Tell her you just want to save a trip to the kitchen. Haha

I like coconut oil. And the rice sock, while I don’t use that, is hugely popular around here. An IR lamp is good for heat too.

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no fears for the lubricant you got: it is one of those who need some humidity to remain in fluid state. Works well for vaginal, less for anal sex. And it is only a starters help, in order to facilitate the first entries of the penis, not ment for lasting the whole time theough.

For this purpose, anything based on oil is best, Just watch for stains…

I am using a silicone based liquid called “Pure”. You get it in adult stores. But it is rather expensive, just to warn you.

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Oops, a little correction: the lube is called “Pjur”.

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Use Vaseline oil :-D

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Try a really hot shower for the whole PE exercise. I’m new to this as well and was having a problem with my dick getting to hard to do the jelqs. So I got in a really hot shower, warmed up, stretched, jelqed, and stretched all while in the shower. I used KY and didn’t have a problem with the erection getting too hard. Hope this helps.

I like to use olive oil.

I can not bring myself to put harsh chemicals or anything I would not eat onto my genitals.

Hair dryer?

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For heating you could use a wash cloth, soak it in hot water, and without wrenching water out, just fold it around your member while it’s over the sink. You can use a cup and keep pouring hot water over it slowly to keep the heating effect.

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