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diffrent nbp measurements

diffrent nbp measurements

These nbp measurements are making me crazy.I measure 6.75 bpel everytime which I base my true measurements from for pe.But,nbp is what I measure for what the women see.I get pissed cause the measurements vary so much sometimes I get measurements of 5.5 and sometimes 6.2. with the same eq.I think my dick is like a matrix or something.It is like it can get hard at 5.0,6.0,6.5, with no more expansion at the same eq fuckin hard to explain.Like it can morph into a certain size or something.Sounds like a movie or something.Wish it would do it to a huge size.Its weird..

I would guesstimate your NBPEL is 5.75in since the average fat pad is 1”. That’s my opinion though.

BPFSL: 7.5in BPEL: 7.25in NBPEL: 6.25in MSEG: 5.2in

Goal: BPFSL: 9.25in BPEL: 9in NBPEL: 8in MSEG: 5.8in

I know what you mean. My measurements kind of go up and down. Sometime I put on a clamp just to get a really hard erection, and when I measure in the clamp, it’s always shorter than not in the clamp. This really sucks because I feel like it looks much bigger even though it’s actually not. :(

My picture thread;

Geetarman's first pic

yea for nbp I use a stick I have with markings that I measured out and put it at the base of my dick always in same spot but it always seems to vary even with the same eq.

NBP is a terrible thing to try to get consistent measurements with. Honestly, if you want to track what you can see (which is basically what NBP is supposed to measure), do yourself a favor and take pictures instead. Pictures generally give you a better visual ‘measurement’ of what you can see than NBP measurements. Just try to be as consistent as possible with the picture angle and distance.

P.S. Taking pictures next to something like a television remote or soda can can give you a good visual comparison to go by.

I measure to much sometimes.The 1 inch fat pad that seems like alot I guess everyones diffrent in that area.If that is true damn when I was 5.0bpel when I started that means I was 4.0nbp.

I haven’t measured recently because I’m just darn fearful of how much I’ve lost. I was over 7.25 BPEL at one point with about a .5” fat pad (a little less actually). I would bet $100 I’m over an inch in my fat pad now… Grr…

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