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Different erections

Different erections

Does this happen to you? When I get an erection caused because I’m going to have sex or because I’m very exited, it looks different from “manual” erections, hi hi. With the first kind my penis is much harder and point at a higher angle then with the other ones.

Another thing I noticed, is that (I’m uncut) if I get an erection without being exited(it happens to all of us), my skin doesn’t retract, but when a girl gets TO close, my foreskin retracts immediately. It’s strange! What can be the reason?

It looks like your little friend has a personality of his own, does he prefer blonds or brunettes?

It looks like you are not fully erect when your skin doesn’t retract. Kegels might help.

It looks like that when I’m exited the head starts to fill earlier, so skin retracts.

I think that he doesn’t care about if she’s blond or not.I think that he speaks with the pussy and if he likes it he greets her ;)

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