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Difference in size throughout the day

Difference in size throughout the day

I’ve been doing PE for roughly 2 months now and there is a significant change, especially in girth. I think my mid-erection is about 4x larger than it was before. Of course full erection still isn’t as big but it’s definitely girthier.hell of a lot thicker than ever before. I never thought that I could get it this thick in just 2 months.

The problem only stays thick during the daytime. Like when I wake up until about 8 PM or so, is when I’m at my peak. But after that,it seems that my penis decreases in size just a little, and I can never get it up to the length that it was throughout the day. How do I fix this problem??

I do Kegals throughout the day, I do PE about 4 to 5 times a week, and I do squeezing just about everyday to help the thickness. But for some odd reason at night when I’m not even that tired, when my sex drive hasn’t faded that much, I could never get it up to the size that it was during the day.

Does anyone have similar problems?

So it’s basically positive PI throughout the day

But negative PIs at night.

And this doesn’t matter if I do PE that day or’s like this everyday.

Your dick gets tired bro, that’s what happens. When you wake up it is ready to go. But after an intense PE session it is normal for it to be tired. Take 2 days off and watch how your EQ skyrockets.

Walk softly and carry a big dick.

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