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Difference between jelqing at 80% and 100% ???

Difference between jelqing at 80% and 100% ???

From the way I see it, the harder your penis is when you jelq, the better result you should get. But then I read in some thread here (cant remember which one), that you get better results when jelqing at 80% than 100%

Is this true? And if it is, why? It makes no sense.

You have more control over the pressure at 80%. If your penis is in full erection there is no room for a jelq stroke to move blood. All you can do is put pressure on the entire tunica which is already at its maximum normal pressure. With a 75-80% erection you can move blood with the jelq stroke and increase the pressure locally, that is, at the point where you are applying pressure as you move the stroke toward the glans. It’s safer to do it that way for the nerves and blood vessels as well since they are able to move away from the stroke. At full erection they can be compressed against the rigid tunica and be injured.

How do you know when you are at 80% — I mean I feel like I go from about 40-50% to 90-100% during my sessions


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