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Difference between jelqing and clamping

Difference between jelqing and clamping

what’s the real difference? To me it seems like clamping would get better results.

Totally different exercises that yield totally different results.

Do some research on the two.

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I´m not the expert, but I think clamping is more suited to work girth than jelq. Jelq is good for girth also, but it also works length, mostly done with small erection levels.

Plus, clamping is a more dangerous exercice. Jelq with total erection is very dangerous, but clamping can be more, especially extreme clamping.

But I guess it would be better if someone with more knowledge than me give a better explanation.

Happy gaining.

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Jelqing is an act of moving blood, though during a jelq it momentarily traps the blood to expand cells this does not interrupt circulation all that much allowing your penis to have a much better flow of oxygen and other great things that come with circulation. Jelqing also provides a stretching motion allowing for growth to happen length wise.

Clamping is more of an act of trapping blood from leaving your penis for a duration of time. There have been reports of people gaining length with clamping, but I believe them to be negligibly small or debatable (doing another exercise with clamping).

I find whenever I jelq it has positive influences on penile circulation and health and when I’ve clamped it had neither a positive or negative influence.

This is my interpretation of it.

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