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Diet helps said brother,(certified doctor),he told me how.

Diet helps said brother,(certified doctor),he told me how.

Ok now first off he said people shrink sometimes when the jelq hang and so forth because they lose cells

And they don’t have the proper diet, or they had not eaten within 5 hours.Just as a body builder you NEED diet to get a great physical gain.Here’s a few things that will increase cell reproduction:

Vitamin c- in anything will help a lot especially when you tear a tissue or screw up, it heals.

Protein-this is the basic thing you need for cell division, without it you may burn cells in exercise and not regain


Basically you need to eat fruits and meats preferably oranges and flat fish, they have the highest amount of protein and vitamin c, if I’ve helped anyone credit goes to my bro. Ty for reading

Been said a thousand times before, but can’t be said enough.

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There is some anecdotal evidence that optimal repair conditions may not be desirable for the best PE progress, at least at some stages in one’s PE career. Restricting calories and vitamin C may actually help by slowing tissue repair, allowing more fatigue to accumulate. Search here on negative energy balance and vitamin C.

I also take a same approach to the cell rebuilding part as in body building. The worst thing (in my opinion) is for example having dinner at 6pm, then doing your PE routine at 11pm before going to bed and then sleeping until 8.

The best thing, again, in my opinion would be a morning workout, just after breakfast, with a regular supply protein’s throughout the day, every 3 hours. It definitely has helped me in body building, so I guess it won’t hurt my PE (or PB!). It’s kind of funny how PE (as well as body building) has changed some parts of my life, cause since I mostly do my workout in the evening or even before going to bed, I tend to take protein shakes late at night. I even turn the alarm clock to 3-4 hours later shortly before falling asleep, so I can hop out of bed, grab a shake or some amino’s and jump back into bed.. Yeah, I know. I’m becoming an addict. But hey, I’m in good company no? ;)

Also take (or eat) omega 3 (e.g. fish oil) for repair of capillaries, particularly if pumping or showing any bruises.

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