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Did you succeed in hanging Girth

Did you succeed in hanging Girth

I just want the girth, what are the chances it will do nothing for me?

I’m not entirely sure what your question is. I got girth gains from hanging; a nice bonus. I don’t think much of your chances for getting girth but no length from hanging.

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Cool, was it a result of the inner penis being pulled out a bit more? Awesome dude. It would be equally good to get girth and length :)

If you are new to PE give the hands on stuff a go before hanging. START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Info

I’m not sure that I entirely buy into the “pulling out the inner penis” theory. But what ever the explanation; PE works. Not everyone gets girth from hanging; although, enough do that it isn’t an unknown phenomena. More common is the tree trunk effect. You get longer and the base of your penis becomes girthier than the rest.

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Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Im so interested in why this causes a tree trunk effect. Why? That would be great, that would work for me. Lol. A picture ive seen of the inner workings of the penis reveal that a thicker portion lies just within the pelvis, so im kind of interested.

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