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Did you know

Did you know

Did you know that in doing PE manual exercises we are becoming healthier? Yes that is right, not only are you hopefully gaining down there but you are also becoming healthier! I think this because after my last session of PE I was fatigued and got me thinking that PE is quite a workout just like an upper body workout at the gym. (Although not as hard)

Here’s my reasoning for this statement, I’ll try to keep it to the point.

When doing PE manual exercises what muscles are you working? Every single muscle in your hands, all the way up to your shoulders! It doesn’t stop there though your also using back and chest muscles as well. All of these muscles are creating force to stretch and pull your old fella, equivalent to going to the gym and doing an upper body workout! Although it isn’t like lifting heavy weights, we are still forcing our hearts and bodies to become fitter to cope with the strain and demands by our muscles need for oxygen. After all, without oxygen getting to the muscles we would be unable to sustain the force in our stretching or the copious amount of time spent jelqing at intensity. And just as with weightlifting we up the weight, in PE we also may up the intensity or duration to change our routine on our penis’s.

Well, in my country anyway AUS, it is recommended that people should undertake at least 30 minutes a day of exercise to stay healthy, so if we do a 30 minute or more PE session, like many people here do, then not only are we looking after penile health but we are also looking after the rest of our health.

In any case I think PE is a great thing and I think there are other benefits to it than just penile health. Oh and I also read or watched something saying how penile problems can be seen as a sign of heart health problems, just something to think about anyway.

How about it guys do you agree? Have anything else to add? Or don’t you agree? I welcome everyone to put their two cents in on this on :)

Hmmmm.. I’d like to thank you for re-affirming one of my long-held beliefs that proper exercise leads to proper health.

Here in Canada, most people don’t get enough exercise and the exercise they do get is negated by our addiction to readily-available, empty-calorie foods.

I agree. The only problem I can see is that legs are undertrained with PE; so I’m studing a way to pull your penis with leg(s) ;) .

I agree. But my PE still quite bad


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