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Did PE for the first time

Did PE for the first time

I did it for the first time and after the hot warm down it seemed to me that my flacid state got smaller and that my skin was going over my actually head, so it was like my skin was stretched not my actually penis. I dont know if this is normal and it will get normal when it recovers. Need some info.

First question are you cut or uncut, if you are not. You should make sure you are doing jelqs that work with an uncut penis. Do a search on it you shall find a few topics on the subject.

I am also uncut (Thanks! Mom and Dad.) my first few times doing jelqs it was odd and I found that I wasn’t doing things correctly for an uncut foreskin. But once you get used to what you need to be doing with each step of the routine, things become more clear. Like what needs to be stretched and how to do each steps in the beginner routine. Also the reason why we have these forums so you can post your comments and concerns.

As my grandpa used to always say practice makes perfect.

Normal after a jelqing session would be a plumped up penis for some time after the session.

A smaller penis may be an indicator of over working but it will recover.

If there is no change in size but you are stretching skin, ensure you are using enough lube and your grip is strong enough.

How long did you jelq for?

I remember a long time ago when shrinkage after a workout was considered good because the retraction means you have done some work - like, if you didn’t do any stretching there would be nothing to retract against if you catch my drift. But now we have things like traction wraps and ADS to help keep the tissues extended after a workout.

Also, if your skin is tight naturally then it is normal to feel the stretch there before you get to stretching the ligs or tunica. If the skin is tight then it will naturally take more of the stress assuming your grip is ok and the skin is not pushed forward when you stretch.

Again also, if you are dry jelqing and getting skin stretching then wet jelqing using something like KY jelly or vaseline would be a good option.

Good Luck, any more questions just ask.

I would recommend against using vasoline. That stuff is hard to clean off the doohicky.:P I personally dry jelq as privacy is not extraordinarily easy to come by in my house. Putting your dick away is much faster than having to dry off your hands and shaft and then putting your pants back on. Ya dig?

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