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Did I do something bad to myself?

Did I do something bad to myself?

I didn’t have any gains after one month, so I stuck to just stretches for the second month while I re-researched techniques. I alternated up and down for 10 seconds each for a total of ten minutes.

My erection normally sticks straight out (9 on the LOT clock) and would resist any downward movement. The other night I noticed I can move my erection down to 7 o’clock with no resistance. Is this a good thing?

Maybey it means your gaining at the top side of your base, ahh I dont sorry

I see two explanations for this

- your ligs got looser (a good thing)
- your erections got weaker (a bad thing if lasts)

Stats (bp) 2004/08/19 8.0 X 5.5" 2005/08/29 8.2 X 5.8" Goal - I am good for now

“Go not to the elves for counsel, for they will say both yes and no.” ;)

Take some time off.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Joe, if you have the same hardness and vascularity(if visible) you may have simply loosened the ligs up a little as mentioned above. It is hard for me to diagnose goober problems over the net, but with your present description I would say looser ligs.

My EA used to go straight out, now it is toward the ground, due to ligament lengthening. I hope this helps, you have a sense of humor, that will be important.

I seem to have the same hardness, vascularity, and erect angle. The only thing different is that I can point it down to 7 o’clock. Let’s hope it’s loose ligs. It’s been a 2.5 months since I did a LOT test, I wonder what it is now. In any case, this might make my wife happy. She liked to straddle me facing away, but the downward angle felt uncomforable for me.

Mr. Nine said:

“I hope this helps, you have a sense of humor, that will be important.”

I thought we were supposed to be lengthening our ligs, right? Are we supposed to be getting a different result. Should stretching lead to a downward angle or not?

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