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DHT Blockers and PE

DHT Blockers and PE

I have a slightly receding hairline, so, naturally, I take a DHT blocker (Procerin) to counteract any further baldness. My only concern is that, since testosterone acts on the genital tissue through it’s conversion to DHT, my use of a DHT blocker might counteract gains. I’m also worried that this might negate the positive effects of ballooning, which I have started to do on and off.

Testosterone is not involved in PE. Neither is DHT. Growth comes from stress put on the cells from jelqing and stretching. Procerin has a formula similar to many “penis enlargement” pills and, as far as I can see, does not have the same side effects as the drug finasteride. Personally I can’t see how it “blocks” DHT based on the ingredients, but it apparently works for some people. I’ve been on finasteride for many years and had no problem gaining when I was doing active PE.

Ballooning is, in my opinion, the same as edging or simply extended masturbation. One person here claims he has had continued growth from the technique, but I suspect it was not the only technique being used. Try it if you like. The supplement you’re taking should not make any difference.

Yeah, I figured it wouldn’t really effect PE gains, as my gonadal system has long since stopped penile growth that way - why would I be doing PE otherwise, unless to bolster natural gains. But I do believe that true ballooning, which involves slowly establishing neural connections that allow for orgasm by stimulation in nontraditional places, involves DHT. I read it in a thread called “Ballooning works.”


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